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Lobby, Info Desk and Exhibit Hall Opens

(remain open for duration of event)

12:15 - 12:20


Nancy Harris

EVP and Managing Director, Sage North America

Target Audience: All attendees
12:20 - 12:30

Extending the Value of Sage

Meet new possibilities with the Sage Partner Network

Aziz Benmalek

EVP, Partners & Alliances, Sage

Target Audience: All attendees
12:30 - 1:10

Stop Wasting Time – Go Paperless with AP Automation

Does paper still have a stranglehold on your AP department? How easy is it to find what you need, when you need it, from wherever you’re working?

Stop wasting precious time – DocLink can enhance your Sage ERP by allowing you to go paperless and eliminate manual, paper-based processes in every department, including:

  • Accounts Payable – invoice processing including 3-way matching, audit prep
  • Accounts Receivable – invoice, supplemental documentation delivery
  • Human Resources – onboarding processes, access & delivery of employee documents
  • Operations/Facilities Management – service requests, builds

Join us for this session to learn how your company can be successful no matter where your employees are working.

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DocLink by Altec

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers
12:30 - 1:10

Sage Inventory Advisor - Where It Fits

For manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, inventory is a significant asset that must be managed properly to boost profits on every single sale.

And with the challenges created by Covid-19, your supply chain needs help now more than ever, particularly with regards to stock levels. Your ERP holds important data that you can leverage to create a more balanced and more profitable warehouse. Join this session to learn how to boost fill rates, cut excess stock, and produce smarter purchase orders to improve your bottom line.

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Sage Inventory Advisor

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers
12:30 - 1:10

How self-service BI can shorten time to decision

Do you have access to the information you need to make decisions, plan or simply do your job? Do you rely on your IT department to provide you with the data you need? In today’s world, being autonomous and able to make quick decisions are key success factors.

Self-service business intelligence solutions can facilitate decision making by providing users of any technical level access to real-time information in a clear and visual way.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is an intuitive business intelligence and data management application that is embedded within your Sage ERP system. SEI puts data into the hands of those who need it and helps shorten the time to decision.

Join our webcast and learn how to:

  • Easily navigate a BI solution
  • Take advantage of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards
  • Create and customize new reports on your own
  • Securely share important information with other stakeholders
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Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers
1:10 - 1:15


1:15 - 1:55

Automate Account Receivables in Sage with Credit Hound

Credit Hound automates the accounts receivable process with a powerful collections management software that works to help reduce late payments by proactively notifying customers of upcoming payments and chasing customers who have late or overdue payments.

Join this session to discover how your organization can

  • Automate the A/R process
  • Spend less time on collections management while getting more cash owed in
  • Get customers to pay you quicker
  • Reduce the amount of outstanding customer payments
  • Minimize bad debt
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Credit Hound by Draycir

Target Audience: Sage 100 and 300 customers
1:15 - 1:55

Technology and Data: Helping Shippers Digitally Transform Transportation and Logistics.

What 2020 showed us across any industry is that disruptive forces are constantly at play, reshaping the way businesses think about technology, conduct business, and look to the future.

ProcessWeaver will discuss how businesses are utilizing embedded integration technology, improving processes, and leveraging data to become more dynamic and competitive than ever before, while at the same time leveraging their investment in Sage ERP.

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ProcessWeaver Shipping

Target Audience: Sage 300 customers
1:15 - 1:55

All-in-One: Wholesale, Marketplace, and E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

Learn how you can leverage SPS to integrate EDI, e-commerce and marketplace channels into Sage for truly streamlined order to cash automation.

SPS Commerce Fullfillment (MAPADOC)

Target Audience: Sage 100 and 500 customers
1:15 - 1:55

Payments with Paya - The Ease of Integration

Attend this session to learn about payment solutions from Paya, including:

  • Paya overview
  • Implementation Process (Ease of Integrating any Sage Software to Paya)
  • Shopping Cart Availability
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Enhanced Gateway – making sure all transactions qualify for the lowest cost possible.
  • Knowledgeable Customer Support staff
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Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers
1:55 - 2:00


2:00 - 2:40

How to calculate the right sales tax rate for every transaction

There’s a lot that goes into calculating the right sales tax rate depending on what you sell and where, but with so many rules to understand, determining rates can get unwieldy. And with the recent spike in eCommerce, it’s even more confusing.

In this session, we’ll guide you on what goes into calculating the right rate for every transaction. From state and local tax rates to product taxability, sourcing rules and more, we’ll explain what you need to know to get calculations right.

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Sage Sales Tax (Avalara)

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers
2:00 - 2:40

How to Automate and Enable Hybrid Accounting Teams

Modern finance departments have made the shift to hybrid work. Enabling individuals to effectively collaborate while working remotely is key to your success as a finance team. Find out how accounting and finance teams are embracing hybrid work to become more impactful than ever.

Join this session to learn:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on accounting departments
  • How to adapt to the new norm
  • How businesses have implemented hybrid work
  • The role of AP automation, plus a live demo
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Sage AP Automation

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and Sage 500 customers
2:00 - 2:40

Making better business decisions with Sage Data & Analytics

Now available for Sage 100 and Sage 300, Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) is a powerful BI toolkit that delivers trustworthy, actionable financial and operational reporting to drive increased revenues, cost savings, and competitive advantage.

Powered by ZAP Data Hub, SD&A empowers businesses with the information needed to confidently make decisions with data, facts, and truth—without hesitation. In today’s fast-paced, customer-centric economy, data is the difference between “just making it” and thriving. That’s why it’s critical to have access to clean, timely data you can trust. SD&A places data-based decision-making at the heart of your business providing a 360-degree view of your business and a decision-making infrastructure that will scale with your business as it evolves.

Immediate SD&A benefits:

  • Ready-made analytics in-a-box
  • Tangible time savings
  • On-the-go access tailored to decision makers
  • Modernization of ERP and all your data

Eliminating reporting pain points:

  • Disparate, siloed data, and slow reporting
  • Inefficient and inaccurate decision making
  • Missed competitive advantage
  • Risk, non-compliance, and more
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Sage Data & Analytics

Target Audience: Sage 100 and 300 customers
2:00 - 2:40

A Day in the Life of a Service Organization

Service Manager is a multi-award-winning software solution for businesses in service industries requiring, job costing, equipment management, service agreements, preventative maintenance, scheduling, mobile field services and Customer Portal access.

This session provides a live demonstration of the day to day functions of a Service Company.

Do away with multiple disparate systems and improve workflows, productivity and profitability.

Whether you are a service company providing service to customers, or whether you are servicing your own equipment in-house, this session will show you how to manage resources, products, services and equipment assets all from a single integrated solution from within your Sage 300 accounting suite.

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Technisoft Service Manager

Target Audience: Sage 300 customers
2:40 - 2:45


2:45 - 3:25

True Sky: Advanced Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting

Are you spending way too much time on administrative aspects of the budget and relying on spreadsheets with linked worksheets, complex formulas, and old data to make strategic business decisions?

Join us at this session to see how True Sky gives you complete control over the budgeting process while leveraging the power and functionality of Excel. True Sky’s easy to use interface, powerful data tools, and sophisticated access to data and reporting functionality cuts the time you spend budgeting in half. True Sky integrates seamlessly with all Sage ERPs.

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True Sky

Target Audience: Sage 300 customers
2:45 - 3:25

"Actionable Insight" Via Sage Alerts & Workflow

Over the past 20 years, the technologies available to help you "mine" your data have increased exponentially—from friendly search technologies and dashboards to advanced business intelligence analytics and reporting. And yet even with all of these tools, you still need to "go get" the information you need; and once retrieved (or displayed), you still need to figure out what to do with that information, who needs to do it and then get it done.

The concept of "actionable insight" uniquely combines data mining, data delivery, and automated workflow to ensure that you have not only insight into what's going on in your business, but also an automated action plan to address the activities that have occurred.

Attend this webcast to learn:

  • What are "actionable insights"
  • How Sage Alerts & Workflow can solve for the "who, what and when"
  • 10 ways your business can be improved through a system of actionable insight
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Sage Alerts & Workflow

Target Audience: Sage 100, 300, and 500 customers
2:45 - 3:25

Warehouse & Manufacturing In Today's World

The last 18 months have brought changes and challenges to every business. Scanco has been leveraged to lead thousands of companies through the 'new normal.'

Learn how we have allowed business to achieve increased satisfaction with their customers while facing employee shortages and supply constraints.

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Target Audience: Sage 100 customers
2:45 - 3:25

Edisoft’s Merchant Cloud Supply Chain Platform

Join this session for an informative overview of Edisoft’s Merchant Cloud, an innovative Supply Chain Process Automation Platform that streamlines B2B/B2C order, label, shipment, and invoice processing for Sage Distributors and Manufacturers. If you’re serious about solving any of the following business problems, this session is a must!

  1. 1. Eliminate Process Bottlenecks in your front and back office by using a single, menu-driven Order & Fulfilment Task Process Scheduler – optimized for staff collaboration and productivity
  2. 2. Eliminate the Time, Cost, and Testing Complexity of field-to-field level data mapping for both your eCommerce Marketplace (i.e. Amazon, Shopify, etc.), B2C Web Order Portals (i.e. company website, etc.), and EDI Trading Partner Connections (i.e. Walmart.com, etc.) by utilizing Edisoft’s simple menus to perform B2B/B2C data transformations
  3. 3. Eliminate the Time and Expense of Maintaining complex third-party configurations and mappings for your eCommerce Marketplaces, B2C Web Order Portals, and each of your EDI Trading Partners
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Edisoft EDI and eCommerce Order Management

Target Audience: Sage 300 customers

Exhibit Hall Open

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Frequently Asked Questions

STAC stands for Sage Third-party Application Conference. This online conference scheduled for July 22, 2021 at 12 p.m. ET offers sessions with valuable business advice on key topics, presented by Sage and third-party experts.
  • Get information and attend sessions about add on applications for your Sage solution to help you get the most from your investment.
  • Visit the virtual exhibit hall where you can:
    • Interact with presenters and solution providers.
    • Get questions answered through 1 on 1 chat feature.
    • Access additional information on solutions shown during sessions.
Yes, you will need to complete the registration form to be able to attend STAC on July 22, 2021 at 12 p.m. ET.
No. You do not need to download or install any software to participate in our conference. You only need to have access to the Internet.